Arayas Loading Screens [ETS2 1.30.xx]

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The vanilla game loading screens are boring and ugly?
Some mod has changed your loading screens with some ugly ones?
It’s time to change something.
This mod add HD loading screens to your game in normal game, eurotunnel and ferry.
It’s not some copy-paste solution, every screen it’s different.
More than that, save a game and then look at your save list. Surprise!
Place this mod over the one with annoying loading screens, or anywhere if you dont have that problem.

I have an “alternative” to this mod but it can’t be posted here 🙂

All my updated mods are on my blog here and also on my blog i will release my work way before public sites or forums.
Some of the mods are there only. If you have a sugestion, ideea, request, please comment.



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