Arayas SuperTraffic 1.2 STANDARD AND EXTREME [ETS2 1.30.xx]

Use a simple mod for spawning diversity (by the hour of the day and by the type of the road) with a little boost on allowed number of spawned cars.
I divided the day in parts with different car density. Rush Hour between 7-9 and 16-18, normal density the rest of the day, reduced traffic between 22-0 and night traffic with bigger density for trucks. I increased the number of alowed car to be spawned.
Use other file-stuffed mod and in the end your game or other mods will crash. You dont need that!
First 2 pictures are from EXTREME EDITION.
WARNING!! The road will became a very crowded place!
The STANDARD EDITION it’s way better than vanilla but you still have room to breathe.

If you play with uset g_traffic “x” trick, you will have exactly the density you wanted.
Both packages are in archive.

More detailed description on my workplace



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5 thoughts on “Arayas SuperTraffic 1.2 STANDARD AND EXTREME [ETS2 1.30.xx]

  1. Work perfect !!

  2. I am testing the EXTREME version on the map of Hungary, it really shows the change in traffic density, especially in the parts where cars never appeared

    Thank you

    1. Custom map, custom problems. Good luck with that.

  3. @dr_jaymz

    nice mod but the extreme is too extreme for me XD… thanks!

  4. Hey pro,Reupload again Thx 🙂

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