Arayas SuperTraffic 1.2 STANDARD AND EXTREME [ETS2 1.30.xx]

Use a simple mod for spawning diversity (by the hour of the day and by the type of the road) with a little boost on allowed number of spawned cars.
I divided the day in parts with different car density. Rush Hour between 7-9 and 16-18, normal density the rest of the day, reduced traffic between 22-0 and night traffic with bigger density for trucks. I increased the number of alowed car to be spawned.
Use other file-stuffed mod and in the end your game or other mods will crash. You dont need that!
First 2 pictures are from EXTREME EDITION.
WARNING!! The road will became a very crowded place!
The STANDARD EDITION it’s way better than vanilla but you still have room to breathe.

If you play with uset g_traffic “x” trick, you will have exactly the density you wanted.
Both packages are in archive.

More detailed description on my workplace



5 Responses to Arayas SuperTraffic 1.2 STANDARD AND EXTREME [ETS2 1.30.xx]

  1. Lalami says:

    Work perfect !!

  2. Zatk says:

    I am testing the EXTREME version on the map of Hungary, it really shows the change in traffic density, especially in the parts where cars never appeared

    Thank you

  3. @dr_jaymz says:

    nice mod but the extreme is too extreme for me XD… thanks!

  4. bebo92 says:

    Hey pro,Reupload again Thx đŸ™‚

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