Are you bored of highway? Try this! v0.1 Alpha


Are you bored of highway? Try this!

I built a small road near the highway with many details around!

I`ll continue this project if your feedback is positive!

Installation:Extract files from “Part.I NoHighway” and “Part.II NoHighway” to ETS2 mods directory.


DOWNLOAD 3.5 MB part I

13 thoughts on “Are you bored of highway? Try this! v0.1 Alpha

  1. could you add video please

  2. YES !!!!!!I’m sick of high ways!!! I think I’m gonna live this mod so much if it really work. maybe you can change the road texture into dirt road , that will be more funny.Looking forward to your next upgraded mod~thanks for your work~

    1. +1 Go ahead Anto!!!

  3. Drive Safely

    It’s a nice concept (you can even detour from the toll booths) but unfortunately not entirely compatible with ProMods. It cuts off a bit of Antwerpen because of sector sharing.

  4. super is that it works across the map including Scandinavia and next-update is that you could put the earth

  5. Why? I see nothing change in the game.what’s wrong???????

    1. alright , I see it

  6. congratulations on the mod, I love of your mods are very good because of to modify and maps and leave the increasingly interesting game PS: suggestion aggregate all your mods in a single mod would be very good as well not sobrcarrega the game with several mods,
    PS2: various uses mods of his own in my game. thank you.

  7. Not bad at all, make more 🙂
    Here some gameplay of the road

  8. CristyMPIV

    Bagă tare române….dar prin toate părțile ar trebuii….că îmi vine să mă dau de toate mașinile…

  9. Thanks for this project Anto007

    it is really nice drive on parallel streets and see traffic on both – highway and this road. TY. This almost do not exists in Vanilla(default) map. TYVM for that.

    I liked very much see new buildings – prefabs.

    I have issue on traffic in my setup – AI in wrong ways (changing way and easy collide)

    my sugestions to v0.2:

    1) create some crossings in street

    2) create entrace to some buildings because I think is natural to have/exists. but the truck really do not need enter like light station, but can enter sometimes like to gas station.


    1. …3) IMHO if you change the high of street and keep some parts on same level (high) could be cool. Do not need create always in top of a chain of small montain.

  10. severe116rus

    The idea of ​​this project is very good. But I would like this project to be fully compatible with the three leading (main) project maps: ProMods, RusMap, Poland Rebuilding. and thank you for your work! Good luck!

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