Argentina Map V1.2


New features on V1.2

Only Compatible with ETS2 V1.16

Cities has been added :
San Juan
Mendoza (rebuilt)
La Rioja
Cordoba (North Roads)

New roads :
Cuesta de Miranda
Road 3 (Bahia Blanca – Olavarria)
Road 40 (Mendoza – Neuquen)
Road to Chile (Rebuilt)

Fixed :
Start money (now 35,000$)
Car Speed

Every bug, error has been fixed.

Ninjachef 2015


20 thoughts on “Argentina Map V1.2

  1. video ?

  2. EJTruckingINC

    what map mods is this compatible with if any?

    1. LionBuster

      You can test every mod. Download and try 😉

      1. Yes, but for some it is too difficult … 🙁

  3. Map needs a new profile and playable modul “argentina.mbd”, means not compatible with one others map.

  4. There is a blockade near corboda, i was making a delivery from la rioja and i cannot finish it. it’s the only intersection from that way..

  5. there some issues in my v1.16.2s

    – Dealers have not simbol?
    – close dealer in La Plata the game crashs

    please, see in

    can u fix?

  6. Groso! Te vas al carajo con esto!Denunciado lince agitador de los montes endo-pancreatico

  7. Close Dealer In Campana, The Game Crashes

  8. Hola, las ciudades que están en los otros mapas de Argentina también están acá, o hay q instalar además versiones anteriores? Gracias!

  9. I founded more errors in my v1.16.2s

    – I added into link (19-02-2015)

    please, fix it

  10. rob suter

    stunning map but I’ve just found out that it keeps crashing when in la planta as you get to the scania garage 🙁

  11. I can’t seem to get the map to zoom over when picking from the freight list. The map zoom mod won’t load up either for me to fix it that way. I even added zzzz’s to the front of the mod name to make it show up last and it still won’t fix the map zoom. Any advice? Thanks!

  12. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a couple of deliveries done within the map…

    Just a quick note: I think the reason for the crash to desktop when close to a dealership is, it seems not all the dealerships have been converted to run in v1.16.

    La Plata to Bariloche 2151km run

    Neuquen to Tandil 1753km run

  13. parabens pela inicitiva , mas esse mapa ficaria muito melhor se não fosse feito em cima da europa, e sim como complemento para outros mapas (TSM,PROMODS,MARIO MAP, ETC….)e usando um mesmo perfil, se houver possibilidades de vc deixa-lo como complemento gostaria muito de ter ele em meu jogo , pois uso uns 7 maps com mesmo perfil , obrigado ate o momento.

  14. @NinjaChef

    I found more issues. Please see them in

    I agree with Paulo

  15. hola me cierra el juego directamente cuando cargo el mod, tengo ET2 1.16.2s eta bien mi version?

  16. No puedo descargarlo el link no funciona

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