Arslan Damper Trailer

arslan damper arslan damper trailer

Tested and Approved Version: 1.3.1 (Test Another Version)
Version: 1.3.1 (Test Another Version)


At the Mod Credits: PietroMods
Images: Mauricio Pietro
Mod Edit: Bertan06


6 Responses to Arslan Damper Trailer

  1. cgaston says:

    This is nice, also!!

  2. Gav1n says:

    how you make it tip up and where can i find it

  3. Peter says:

    How do you make if tip?

  4. 5m65 says:

    ilyen szar letöltö oldalt

  5. DAYZU says:

    To make it ‘tip’ you press ‘T’ on your keyboard (disconnect trailer) and it will suddenly change to how it looks in the top picture (hydraulic arm exteneded to lift front of bin).

    It doesn’t actually dump the contents of the tipper nor does it show the hydraulics gradually lifting the bin.

  6. aysarabdelbaki says:

    Not nice, I want like it but I want to buy my own trailer; and I need dump a like that, but I need to see while hydrulic is extending and I need to see the material coming out, not just like that; so we have to empty in building site or other, thank you.

    PLease teach me how to do mods, and i will do it

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