Arwest Two Cargo Trailers

arwest-1 arwest-2

Hello friends, I created a mod of trailers, the company ARWEST!

Install in Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / Mod.

Activate the mod.

If the load does not appear in the game, sleep 8 hours to appear.



My You Tube channel:




4 Responses to Arwest Two Cargo Trailers

  1. zoso says:

    why not also add the original authors?
    TZ Express and MDModding

    • ROBOTIC says:

      Oh, sorry, I can’t remember!!! omg!!! Thanks for you comment!!!!

      • zoso says:

        There is no problem
        You are an intelligent person the next time you will remember the credits.
        I want to tell you that MDModding updated this trailer for v.1.25
        find it on the forum

  2. Vlk says:

    You did not “create a mod of trailers”, nor a trailermod, not even a mod at all. You “maybe” skinned it, but thats it. People like you are the reason why real modders stop giving their work to us, thanks an awful lot.


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