Asfalt trailer

This is a tip trailer that is made of ktmoding

hope you will enjoy it




8 thoughts on “Asfalt trailer

  1. Thank you for your Tipper-Trailers.

    But: I made them for me as zip, so it comes from
    178mb to 42,2mb !
    Much better, because the DL-Site is very slow.

  2. iTzSplashed

    asphalt*, and the trailer is ugly xD

    1. Don´t worry, there are more than one Trailer inside.
      Yes, this one is ugly, but good to drive… 🙂

      1. m vd veen

        how do you see him ? i dont see it in ets

  3. scaniakungen730

    Nice looking, I will try it now, I hope I can paint it 🙂

  4. m vd veen

    i dont see him in my mod manager

    1. m vd veen

      pls help

      1. I see only one 3 axle green dump trailer (don’t know if it’s from this pack or not) I don’t see the trailer in the pictures

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