Asphalt Patch of random events v 1.3 [1.31 – 1.32]

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New Version 1.3:
– with more flexible option

In zip file you have 3 files:
asphalt_patch_of_random_events_main.scs is required and have
patches only on local roads with default random events count….

If you want to have patches an all roads, use also: asphalt_patch_of_random_events_all_roads.scs
For great number of random events, use: asphalt_patch_of_random_events_more_events.scs

asphalt_patch_of_random_events_all_roads.scs and asphalt_patch_of_random_events_more_events.scs
must have higher prority then asphalt_patch_of_random_events_main.scs

Todor Alin


4 thoughts on “Asphalt Patch of random events v 1.3 [1.31 – 1.32]

  1. HenriqueSantos

    I like the idea of your mod, however it has some (many problems),
    Do not misunderstand me, but you need to know to be able to correct them. When the truck passes over the asphalt jagged, it often jumps up. Even if I’m at 70km/h or 80km/h. If this is on a road curve does not end well. I’ve made pictures of some places so you can see better what I say.
    Local 1:
    Local 2:
    in the last image you can see the layer above the asphalt

  2. Ayhan ESER


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