Asus Tech Trailer

Asus-Tech-Trailer-1 Asus-Tech-Trailer-2

Asus Tech Trailer Skin

Author: Ipgaxx


One thought on “Asus Tech Trailer

  1. Hmm, cant see the info i gave when i uploaded this. It’s a Trailer that adds Asus Tech Trailer to game and the Trailer Mass is on 20000 and i run this on game 1.13x. I never tryed it on 1.14, so you have to do that your self. I dont know if it runs with any other Trailer packs, since i only use this. You are NOT allowed to upload or post this mod on any other websites. If you want others to get it, then leave a link to this site/page. This is my First Trailer ever made and it’s made with ETS2 Studio.

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