ATS Heavy Cargo in ETS2 v 1.3

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Compatible Mod For Version: 1.32.x
Tested On Passed !

Support ETS2 1.32
Wheel Rotating & Cable Bugs Fixed.

Support ETS2 1.31
Trailer Cable Animation

Bug`s Fixed.
Added Beacon Light For Trailer
The Wheels in This Version Has With Rotating

Trailer Added from ATS to ETS2
Standalone Trailer
No Drop Frame

️ Pls Dont ReUpload this File on other Host ️

Enjoy It !

SCS SoftWare, MehdiAnti


6 Responses to ATS Heavy Cargo in ETS2 v 1.3

  1. JM says:

    Is this tested in ETS2 because I think you get many prob with overpass and corners and city’s

  2. JM says:

    Its not showing in the game

  3. Edivad says:

    Tested and all works good. Thank You!

  4. SidVicious says:

    This is Payware content off Steam, you can’t put this into ETS2, SCS have already stopped others from doing this.

  5. Thegamerpro0094 says:

    the truth is that the update of the rotating axes are very horrible, for me the truth is that I have crashed 3 vehicles and I have dropped at least 20 signs in the ets, I want to change it and that it is equal to the ats, since I do not like those rotating axes. to be clearer, it would be the rotating wheels

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