ATS Heavy Cargo in ETS2

Compatible Mod For Version: 1.27.x, 1.28.x
Tested On Passed !

Standalone Trailer
No Drop Frame

⛔️Pls Dont ReUpload this File on other Host⛔️

Enjoy It !

SCS, MehdiAnti


25 thoughts on “ATS Heavy Cargo in ETS2

  1. Could you send the password so i can put this trailers in more companies?

    1. MehdiAnti

      Dont Worry, I Thought For This
      You Can Use This File. How To Use Included In The File.

      For Get In All Companies,

      1. Thanks
        This trailer is perfect.
        the wheels at night give some red light do you know?

        1. MehdiAnti

          thanks a lot ❤️
          No. I did not know
          But if you mean to light a lamp i will done, but this model is for ats and I have got it here for ets2 use.

          1. how do i find the trailer… just activated mod but dont find the trailers

    2. Use SCS DART Tool to remove passwords and unlock mods.

    3. MehdiAnti

      No password required, use DART to unlock

  2. Amir Mahdavi

    Nice mod

    1. MehdiAnti

      Thanks Dawshm ?❤️

  3. Paulicek1

    This is perfect. 😀

    1. MehdiAnti

      thanks a lot ❤️

  4. Hmm. Good idea and i appreciate your work. But. Why you put this trailer in traffic? That’s horrible idea and it looks awful. And I can’t rid them out, because of the password. Can you sent me a password and i deleted them by myself (if you agree with that)? Or you can offer other options?

    1. MehdiAnti

      I’m sure the trailer is not in traffic?
      Maybe is your problem

  5. perfect
    I love this three-piece trailers
    Totally long trailers

    1. MehdiAnti

      Thank You Very much❤️
      So Enjoy It?

      1. Thks, but loock at here, log isnt free.

        [fs] Failed to open file “/material/environment/generic_s.tobj” in the read_only mode
        [resource_task] Can not open ‘/material/environment/generic_s.tobj’
        [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/0a/0ab0bcbddcf189b5.mat” in the read_only mode
        [resource_task] Can not open ‘/automat/0a/0ab0bcbddcf189b5.mat’

        generic_s.tobj , 0ab0bcbddcf189b5.mat , are not included in your scs file.

  6. на 1.27 не работает!

  7. This mod need heavy cargo dlc for run? I already installed the mod, i see the trailers in the trailer list, but i cant take te trailers in the companies.

  8. I have a total of 262 companies can you put this trailer on every one.
    If you want i can send you a zip file with all the directories.
    Is possible to put the “third” trailer not so jumpy?

  9. need dlc ??

  10. great mod

  11. thats great

  12. awesome mod, but the trailer wheels look a bit weird when rotating, it’s like flashing. maybe u can fix? thx

  13. noobplayer

    anyone have any idea how it works? I dont know how to use it

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