ATS Traffic in ETS2

Traffic from ATS in ETS2
Traffic from ATS version 1.31 working on ETS2 1.31.xx
This pack replace ETS2 traffic ATS traffic
Licence plates on AI working



9 thoughts on “ATS Traffic in ETS2

  1. Bad mod!
    Standalone, ok! Replace, no!

    1. i dont know how to do this standalone 😀

      1. There is an almost identical mod on the Steam Workshop for 1 year! You could use it to understand how to make your own autonomous! 😉
        But to suppress the EU traffic for the benefit of American vehicles, I find that it distorts the basic game!

      2. if you want to make it standalone simply rename the file traffic_storrage_car.sii in your mod into something like traffic_storrage_car.ats.sii then both files will be available.
        I have imported also some vehicles in ETS2, but not all 😉

        1. thanks 😉

        2. Thank you for your explanation Cipinho! 🙂

    2. SiMoN3 ETS2

      What are you a judge that every mod you have to comment giving commands?!

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Which is the sens of this mod ?

  3. Spiel stürzt leider ab bei dem Mod

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