ATS Trailers for ETS2

ATS trailers for ETS2
Test on v1.27

SCS, Brigadier_87


9 thoughts on “ATS Trailers for ETS2

  1. Sarah1224

    Completely unrealistic there’s no such a trailer in Europe!!

    1. swift Trans

      im pretty sure it wasnt for realism

    2. read first and understand pls.. “ats trailers for ETS 2”

  2. it’s+just+a+game+,+dont+be+mad…

  3. Sarah1224

    Well we listen all the time about the same comments in ATS forum when we posting some European truck or trailer. We also posting just because it’s a game but Americans don’t understand that.

  4. Does it works with 1.26?

  5. Brahiam Gomes

    Hello There!
    To Brigadier_87:
    Can you make the aliases to replace all the gooseneck trailers?


  6. please do it for 1.32

  7. Porsche918 Boy

    Where I can find those American Trailers after I’ve activated them

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