ATS Trailers


Trailers from ATS, working on 1.22.
Respect my work, not to reupload!!

Author: SCS Software


11 thoughts on “ATS Trailers

  1. Standalone Or Replace ?

    1. Standalone

  2. Aventador

    how to get that kenworth w900?

    1. HardStyler

      You cant, The Truck is actually from ATS, but not ingame yet because of license´s they dont have

  3. Can somebody make a version without the long version trailers ?please please please 🙂

  4. Hey bocko90 long trailer is the essence and the basis of the American transport , short trailers have in ETS2 standard .

  5. MIke Rules

    This mod crashes my game. Anyone else have this problem ? ( removed all mods and running only with this one )

    1. Mattty1320

      Yeah, It crashes my game too, I looked at the log it said the the trailer_eu/refeer couldn’t find the wheel model or something like that.

  6. This mod doesn’t work it take all my trailer out of my game so all the truck run around with out trailers.

  7. Crashes my game too, unfortunately. Too bad as they would have been fun to pull.

    1. Anyone ever figure out how to get this mod to work? I even created a brand new 1.22 profile just to test this mod and it still crashed it. I am running a pc dvd version of the game, not steam. Maybe that is the problem possibly.

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