Audi 80a

audi-80a-1 audi-80a-3 audi-80a-2

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audi 80a for ets2
ao texture
no lag
no bug’s
no much tuning
mod manager ready!
dont reupload this file on other hoster!



13 thoughts on “Audi 80a

  1. please check this module crashes for me every time I choose something in servisu lack of interior from Skoda

    1. nerowskyyMonster

      Hej Diablo to tylko model…

  2. hejsa hvor kan man købe den ved forhandlerne ? 🙂

  3. I was in the daf

  4. Piratxxx11

    No shadow 😀

  5. If somebody fix this, I would appreciate it very much. This is my car:)
    Please, fix it

  6. SmellyCat

    no bugs, no lag, no tuning, no shadow xDD

  7. HD Test 1.26.1

  8. Das+ist+Skoda+???

  9. Das ist Skoda???

  10. oh come on, i think if this is real 80, now when i check this for me it’s bullshit

  11. please fix this it’s my dream car 🙂

    1. i don”t found at shop the car

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