Audi A4 Beta V0.5


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Partial fix for rev and speed counters (not fully functional but better)

DragonModz, Raz0rMind


10 thoughts on “Audi A4 Beta V0.5

  1. AshtheBarron

    It would be nice if there was an automatic transmition option.

    1. DragonModz

      auto transmissior is set in game

  2. the mod is great, but need fix brake and stability 🙂 great mod !!

    1. DragonModz

      set stability and breaks to max in game

  3. Coco55100

    I can not have the gps and other Accessories and where to put the template file?

    1. DragonModz

      you cannot have accessories because no dlc
      and template export through ets2studio after adding car

  4. Works on 1.4.8s???

  5. ScaniaFreak

    Great mod for real, please do more updates and some realistic sounds from a real 1996 Audi A4 then i will download and share on facebook with credits and original link KEEP IT UP!!!

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