Audi A6 2020

This is a new car in the game
its specifications
Very high quality interior and exterior
The materials and textures are very high and the best
It has animations, the wipers, the front windows working, and the handbrake. It’s a button and it works fine
I made a new sound for the V8 engine, it’s really cool and realistic
It’s rear wheel drive
The wheels are original
Note,” my dear friend, when you comment in the comments, I respect your opinion, but the comments are to report any problem in the mod so that I can modify it again. Do not offend me. I am making effort and time to present the mod to you, please and thank you.


enjoy ……..



17 thoughts on “Audi A6 2020

  1. Adam Strejček

    Hello man i have small problem im dowload this your Audi A6 and pasted in mods folder a open game and dont working im only stay in position this car dont comming dont spin with steering wheel.

    1. Yahiaabed

      Bro remove any mod in list mod manager and use game version 1.40 to 1.47

  2. Pleas bmw 2023 İ7 series pleasss

  3. thank you for this super mod,we are waiting for new cars too

  4. error download

  5. Passaros No Banheiro

    The mod is beautiful but have a line in interior, 3d error, and
    ambient light is white (another color is better)

  6. Please make Hyundai ELANTRA!!!

  7. 2022year

  8. Roughly made stop signal, and other light indication. Too fast turn signal and alarm rhythm. Weird car physics. The 3d model is excellent, keep improving this mod. Thank you

    1. Yahiaabed

      Yes bro I test it have problem I will update thank’s

    2. yeah, turn signals are too fast

  9. where do i find thr car

  10. Célia BONNARDEL

    Au top, j’attend avec impatience une A45s amg 2022 si c’est possible.
    Un grand GG à toi mec 🙂

  11. Bro i need a good BMW where the graffic is not hanging

  12. Looks very good but the car doesn’t have motor sound 😞

  13. yo bro can you make A8/L we want it sooo much because there is no A8 rn anywhere

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