Audi A8 Alpha v1 by Diablo


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Hello, this is another Alpha test
changed the texture of wood
added navigation
added animated clocks
speed, rpm, fuel, temp
improved engines are now real

Thank you for downloading and testing my mod
ask you about the comments that improve the teeth were well

I allow elevation of my module to other forums provided behavior orginalnego link to download and video

ban edit without my permission [email protected]

as link stops working, please contact us to change it to another, do not change on their own!

how it will be preserved railways will deliver an upgrade to Audi and I have big plans for it
I greet and wish you have a nice test
sorry for my English
respect the author



28 thoughts on “Audi A8 Alpha v1 by Diablo

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video

  2. NO FILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. download works correctly

  4. Adrian G.

    Excellent work man, I like the detailed dashboard and other original AUDI stuff, otherwise exceptionally good car.

    In the future could you make a functional SEAT Ibiza with the same level of detail ? Thank you.

    1. scanialover

      Or leon st?

  5. Do not open page with mod, where i can download it

  6. EuroTruckgamer

    Great job! But can you fix wipers?

  7. Its every time the same.
    Skoda and Bmw m5 have the same sound please take another but please a sound where we can hear the turbo.

    Immer das selbe bei jedem wagen immer dieser sound fände es klasse wenn mal ein Diesel turbo sound kommt aber halt anders wie der.

  8. link already working
    wipers in the next upgrade
    I look forward to comments and feedback modules which improve

  9. Вы можете исправить дворники?

  10. ChileETS2

    Es asombroso. Lo único que queda por corregir son los limpiaparabrisas.

    1. ChileETS2 Ha habido mucho trabajo por hacer esto es sólo el alfa me conocen

  11. поэтому в следующем обновлении

  12. SilvaTrucker

    I tested it on 1.26 beta version and the tyres are blue/green/red, and the turning lights don’t appear on the dashboard..

  13. animation controls in the next upgrade
    and textures tires proof,

  14. Are you going to realise your Ford Transit?

  15. I think now is not the release of the Ford, it deals with audi a8

  16. EuroTruckgamer

    Yeah, if you realise your Ford Transit it will be wonderful!

  17. является правильным, он должен сделать свой брод.

    You are right, you should realise your ford transit. (sorry if my english is not good)

    1. I agree. I have seen your Ford Transit and it´s wonderful!
      I’m sure it would be one of the most downloaded mod.

  18. Yeah, that ford is so good

  19. Joe the gamer

    I agree

  20. concept but no promises

  21. Fischer83

    Diablo, ты русскоговорящий? Или с тобой только на английском можно общаться?

  22. Fischer83

    Diablo, do you speak Russian or English only? I want to send to you settings for Audi. Five days were set up according to the real specifications.

  23. This mod, is AMAZING! <3 I'm with 1.23 version , and wroking PERFECT! 🙂 Congratulations , Diablo. (y)

    1. Sorry , i want to say WORKING* ! 😀

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