Audi A8 By Diablo Upgrade + Template

Audi-A8-1 Audi-A8-2 Audi-A8-3

YouTube preview

– Interior
– Sounds
– Ao Bake
– Animations
– Tuning
– Standalone


allow for elevation of other forums provided the original link to the video and download

the respect that I give kolejene upgrade this car
that they are already in the implementation

how to link stopped working please let me know in the comment not to change yourself greet and wish you have a nice play

any found errors please write in the comments or on Facebook or emile [email protected] rafalpl



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28 thoughts on “Audi A8 By Diablo Upgrade + Template

  1. Always Cars… ######! Go and play GTA not ETS 2

    1. Joe the gamer

      #### you! There´s people who like to play with cars in ETS2! ######! #### you #####

      1. nicksonets2

        This mod is really PERFECT but can you make peugeot 307 sw please 🙂 Thank you for this mod

    2. GRMModding

      just leave cars to those who like playing with cars

  2. I am doing this for the people what they do video reports

  3. mstfcbngl

    Make your brakes like m5

  4. Very nicee!! Thanks 🙂
    If you want, can you release your Ford Transit?

    1. GRMModding

      i will release mine if my youtube channel reaches 250 subs

    2. GRMModding

      but am still working on it so its not finished yet

      1. ok thank you!!

    3. EuroTruckgamer

      But can diablo release his Ford, Please? Thanks 😉

      1. GRMModding

        i know for a fact that he wants to keep his private

        1. Diablo´s transit is better

  5. Please can you change interior

  6. please Update the truck, thank you

  7. Mr.GermanTruck

    great Work Diablo…
    Test Video:

  8. rht austria

    thanks for sharing mate

  9. UK interior will available?

  10. How+can+i+find+it?+Where+is+it?+Thank+you!

  11. can you please change the truck sound to a car.

  12. how make skin with template ?
    how put in game..

  13. i didnt find car in any dealer and my mod is active ###????

  14. Make MB S65 AMG w221 please

  15. silvershadowpt

    Hello Diablo, your Audi A8 is one of my favorite mods to cruise around the map.

    I have one question though: Is it possible to get the dark brown wood interior from the previous release? The yellow interior is a bit too bright.

  16. version?

  17. work with 1.28? PLZ DO VERSION 1.28!

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