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Hello, this is alpha so much is not everything done seems so you to tell me what to improve to make this mod something cool

Evaluate interior and exterior without animation is just like them execute now I need to gather the materials

I allow elevation of the module for the forum but provided that the author and a link to download and orginal video

I do not let on what Possible editions of this module definitions sound like things you want to do something please contact with me on facebook or email [email protected] we’ll do it together and not add a thing and you will become the author of the module

how it will be respected expect in niedlogim during the next upgrade

prohibition of editing
the prohibition of changing the link to download as link does not work please contact with me, it is improving, do not do this on your own
I look forward to your comments and improve what rzycze milego testing
sorry for my English



35 Responses to Audi A8

  1. Diablo says:

    This is the alpha evaluated to the terms of mod
    I will read all comments and endeavor to correct what you write

  2. GRMModding says:

    test video on my youtube channel Azorax Gaming:

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video…

  4. CyberD says:

    nice mod.but fix trailer bugs and also you can add dlc cab accessoaries.

  5. Diogo says:

    The mod is good only need to fix the speedometre putting the proper speed for the mod … I mean you have powerful cars mods but the game does not give intresse they are slow more.

  6. Golf says:

    nice mod, hope you fix UK interior.

  7. Phil says:

    Do you like making cars?

  8. Adrian G. says:

    This+is+one+of+the+best+cars+ever, +the+only+remarks+go+to+the+part+of+tweaking+better+the+ instruments+dial+and+whipers,+otherwise+fantastic+job,+you’ve+even+included +the+original+Audi+equipment.



  9. erossutrisno says:

    another test with passenger mod

    Just little review.
    At first my game was crashed, because some point on customization. exactly is when I put some modification on tire and rim.

  10. ETS2 MAN says:

    The best mod. But you will fix speedometer, thanks 🙂

  11. Diablo says:

    Work is already underway on animations

  12. VladRus says:

    Please fix interior gauges (speedometer)
    Thank you very much diablo.

  13. Anybody says:

    Can you add and blue led in the front bumper like the Skoda?

  14. Joe the gamer says:

    Please fix speedometer and tachometer 🙂

  15. Nerowskyymonster says:

    It is too bright in the glass and fix speedometer.
    Sorry for my bad English.

    • RTA mods says:

      No, there isn´t. The only bug is the speedometer and the tachometer.

  16. jesper says:

    hejsa vil du lave en vw golf mk 3 til ets2 🙂

  17. RTA mods says:

    Please fix wiper washer. It doesn´t work.

  18. 003IVECO says:

    The are two important bugs: Wipers and speedometer. If you can fix it, thanks

  19. ETS2 MAN says:

    There is another bug. Fix wipers please

  20. TONY says:

    Fix wipers

  21. gil7 says:

    good job men

  22. RayenGaming says: test in my Youtube Chanel

  23. EuroTruckgamer says:

    very good job. If you want to fix some bugs, the most important are speedometer/tachometer and wipers.
    This mod is awesome

  24. Diablo says:

    Test Anim Audi A8

  25. Diablo says:

    This is a photo of the new wood as pleases?

  26. Adrian G. says:

    Nice improvements. Keep it up.

  27. Diablo says:

    Test next upgrade

  28. Emil0088 says:

    What dealer could this mod be found?

  29. KKT says:


  30. KKT says:


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