Audi RS4

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Audi RS4 Car

Authors: Cebinetstar, Forza Motorsport 3, Jack EVO, by maz_man, jon-ruda, Johnson Rudnosein, nfsprodrive


14 thoughts on “Audi RS4

  1. sirvanmalakouti

    video plz

    1. doesnt work, crashes game.

      1. sirvanmalakouti


  2. Yes this system, the ####, the new the guts to do

  3. Flip the GPS first! Old version!

  4. Epsilon04

    Good mod but try for the next update to make a different gearbox with only 6-7 speeds, because truck gearbox is just horrible on this car

    Thanks !

    1. supersteve2345

      You could just skip low gears and go 2,4,6,8,10,12 and that would effectively be 6 gears assuming you are using a G25/27

      1. Epsilon04

        I don’t have a G25/27. May be with G25/27 it’s good but with other steering wheel it’s really horrible :/

  5. What’s so hard to meet the requirements of a description? at least the dealer where this can be bought but is a MUST!

  6. You have the faked then? with photoshop? the mod exists in the game not at all, it does not appear, no matter which dealer …

  7. Dealer?

  8. Scaniadriver

    DAF Online or Big Dealer.

  9. @Mahjoox, a tip, try opening a mod with Winrar or 7Zip, then you can look under /def/vehicle/truck_dealer, there you can find the dealer for it.

    First thought, is this city car driving? 😀
    Just kidding 😉

  10. EmericBaker

    Hello, I wanna try this mod, what is the version please ?

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