Audi RS4 Updated vovangt4


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It prescribes a specific slot in the cabin Mercedes
His salon
His sound
its wheels
Kras + supports metallic

Fixed file game.log, ( net console )
The Mercedes MP3 is no longer the interior of the Audi and British fixed interior

Tested on 1.19 – 1.22

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15 thoughts on “Audi RS4 Updated vovangt4

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    sorry, but I see no change!

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      Not change to v1…

  2. вован говно

    1. По себе людей не судят!


    HEY! Do you know what Do NOT REUPLOAD MEAN?!

  4. vovangt4 is a ###### reuploader only! finally locks this i***t on this page!

    1. Watch your language! I did not upload it

      Следите за своими выражениями! Не я загружал его.

  5. Space Cam

    no change at all, and why do you have to have man inside and the game it self provides an avatar, the car is vibrating. still have bugs ah. need to fix ah.

  6. Why does it shake like that?

  7. The steering wheel doesn’t turn

  8. asiangeek

    Steering wheel doesn’t turn and the hit boxes aren’t where the bumps are

  9. Joe the gamer

    – The steering wheel doesn’t turn
    – It’s shaking all the time
    – It’s TOO FAST !!!!! ( I make crashes all the time )
    – I can’t see any difference between the Elegance interior and Trust Edition interior
    – also, asiangeek is right. When the car hits other things, the bumpers aren’t touching it.
    Anyway, it looks great and it’s fun!

  10. It does not work well. The car vibrates. Sound bad.
    Tested on

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