Audi RS4 V1.25


Audi RS4 Avant

-small tuning
-adaptation for new versions (1.25)

New: Fixed minor bugs, changed def, fixed speedometr.



11 thoughts on “Audi RS4 V1.25

  1. old mod does not have all this interior without anim audi a4 old

    1. Joe the gamer

      Shut up, #####

      1. GRMModding

        whats with the language hes making a point what is the point of reuploading same mod over and over again if there were no ugrades or anything at all changed

  2. How can i buy the car

  3. А есть фаркоп?

  4. Eurotruck01

    At wich truck dealer can I find it? I’ve searched for it at every truck dealer but couldn’t find it 🙁

  5. Adrian G.

    Did you try with DAF ? It usualy takes one or two scrollings before finding the vehicle, happened to me frequently.

    If not DAF, try Mercedes Benz and others, but keep scrolling until you reach the end of the vehicles offer.

    If set properly in the mods manager, the car should appear normally. It should go higher than the map files.

  6. Hey kids, this is a simulator for trucks! If you want to drive a car, go to NFS

  7. Вячеслав
    about mod video
    work 1.25
    russ transl

  8. Can you make a mod with the Audi A4 avant 2006.Please!

  9. Guys at me it says that i need level 12 to buy the car
    Please Help!

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