Audi RS6 [1.35]

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Seamless animations
Engine sound options
Few modified part
Various Models (Stock – Modified)

Example: harun aras
Contact Berkay directly
Metehan Bilal
Compatible version:

Editing is prohibited.

Note: The vehicle comes out at the mode dealer.



Bağımsız (Standalone)
Sorunsuz animasyonlar
Motor sesi seçenekleri
Bir kaç modifiye parçası
Çeşitli Modeller (Stock – Modifiyeli)

Harun Aras
Berkay Pekesen
Metehan Bilal
Uyumlu sürüm:

Düzenleme yapmak yasaktır.

Not: Araç mod bayisinde çıkmaktadır.

Harun Aras


26 thoughts on “Audi RS6 [1.35]

  1. The vehicle comes out at the mod dealer ? I don’t understand..i don’t find the car..please help 🙁

    1. karsiyakali1912

      The vehicle comes out at the mode dealer.

  2. Please create Dacia Logan MCV 2007 1.5dCi

  3. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.35….

  4. where to have a dealer for this car

    1. karsiyakali1912

      The vehicle comes out at the mode dealer.

      1. mode dealerden nasılalıyoruz? daha doğrusu mod dealere nereden ulaşıyoruz

        1. dealer?plss

  5. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, ► AUDİ RS6 (Taklalı) ?[1.35]

  6. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.35 :

  7. jimmy7kyr

    This game is a truck simulator, not a car simulator game…if you want to drive a car, there are so many other games with cars.

    1. But this is mod dumb

  8. Lucasdriver70

    Very good car. No offense to some people, having a car is a good thing, to explore the map for example.
    The accelerations are impressive, without being unrealistic. The drive at high speed is good. The quality of the exterior and interior textures is good. It is rare today to see mods of cars that are not 100% from the Skoda (like engines 160 or 170 hp) So please continue your work !
    (Sorry for my bad englsh, i’m french)

  9. Make BMW e46 4door please please pleaseeeeeeer

  10. sometimes

    I can’t find it in all dealers.. where should I?

    1. At mod dealer, when you go to truck dealer you can select the mod dealer.

  11. please make bmw m5 f90

  12. This is very good car mod. Remember, for players, to set to zero the suspension stiffness in options to avoid losing control on road bumps.

    The engine sound2 is a little bad when gasing.

    Another bug was pink color in interior in service shop but it reverts to normal outside the service shop:

    When car engine stops because of too much damage the car can suddenly lose control as if i hand braked but this could be a SCS problem.

  13. I meant engine1 sound is bad when gasing. Engine2 sound is good.

    1. Actually both engine 1 and engine 2 sound is bad when gasing. Engine 1 sound rumbles too much, have to lower bas frequency in equalier to stop it. Engine 2 sound like an angry small insect when gasing.

  14. I like this car mod. It has 580hp, accelerates good and fast, and has top sped 240km/h, which is good bc i like to drive at 200+km/h.

  15. But there is missing some info on the dashboard displays below the dial-meters:

  16. There is a line of miscoloring on the hood:

  17. Florian-SV

    would it be possible to create the DS 7 crossback please

  18. Also the front hood is not visible from driver view no matter how high i adjust the seat.

  19. Bad steering, no matter what sensitivity i use. It has a lag-momentum effect so it keeps steering in same direction even when you stop pressing the keys on the keyboard or even opposite direction-key. It also has bad traction so car easily spins out of control or crashes into barrier etc.

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