Audi RS7 Alpha

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It seems to a test
Audi is based on the Audi A8
problems reported at the video or in the comments



18 Responses to Audi RS7 Alpha

  1. Diablo says:

    Dealer Man
    Full Anim

  2. Usysus says:

    Tekstura sie buguje 🙁 Pojawiaja sie™ jakies kratki+:D

  3. Indigo says:

    It’s so cool! But the taxi and police skins do not come out properly and the brakes are too weak.

  4. Diablo says:

    improving it cool

  5. xkillerokx says:

  6. M1A1 says:

    Improves the km count, and aligns the correct speed ai is good the mod
    Oh and the textures are also not the best …

  7. klolo901 says:

    Diablo tutaj też będą zagaszali wszystkie błędy jak coś 😉

  8. Diablo says:

    ok let them report

  9. gabibalasz says:

    Hi, can you make a Skoda Octavia RS ?

  10. Anel says:

    Can u make Volkswagen Golf Mk2 or Volkswagen Golf Mk1 or Volkswagen Golf Mk3 or Volkswagen Golf Mk4 !!! tnx man 🙂

  11. burak says:

    Volkswagen passat b8 please !

  12. Bruno says:



  13. andy790826 says:

    no file~~ please upload file again thx.

  14. .aaa says:

    PLEASE Diablo upload file again thx

  15. Nabor Cuevas Rodriguez says:

    quiero descargar este mod

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