Audi RS7 Sportback 2013 4G8 V4.5 1.48


– Updated to game version 1.48
– Minor edits and fixes


Azorax Modding, Nimit, Slav Jerry, HRS-Mods, Diablo


15 thoughts on “Audi RS7 Sportback 2013 4G8 V4.5 1.48

  1. Very good mod and car. Please update Nissan GTR R35.

  2. Zrób Cupra Formentor Bardzo proszę.

  3. Furkan yıldız

    kardeşim lütfen şu aracın içerisini düzeltirmsisin 2 senedir şu oyunda şu aracın düzeltilmesi için durmdan yorum atmak zoundamıyım eğer işi yapamıyorsanız yapmayın lütfen

  4. Alexandru Homoranu

    try to make Cupra formentor pls

  5. benz g63 getirmeyin at arabası o.. boşver bmw den devam

  6. benz g63 getirmeyin at arabası o.. boşver bmw den devam

  7. G63!!1getirmeyin at arabası o

  8. Dani Carlover

    can you pls make a rs6 c7 i have been waiting for the rs6 so long and it never came out but pls make an interior look a bit better than this one on this one whole interior is like made from soft material

  9. please update the hondqa civic ies

  10. Dani Carlover

    hi this mod is very good can u pls make an rs 6 c7 and pls make the interiot a bit better cz it looks like it is made of some soft material

  11. Very nice car but can you please update aston martin v8 vantage to 1.48? I love that car i used to drive it all the time in 1.47

  12. Joe black

    It bad quality interior

    1. u have a bad pc with low graphics thats why is low quality for u

      The intirior is awesome!!!

  13. Hello, I have a question if you could not make a mod for a Trabant 601 car or at least try to advise me or somehow guide me to create this mod.
    Thank you

  14. great…can u please also share the template for the car…wanna paint it with my company colors

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