Audi S4 with 250km/h speed limiter


With this mod, you can reach 250km/h in autobahn. Enjoy 🙂
Tested version 1.7.1

Forza Motorsport 3, Jack EVO, by maz_man™, jon-ruda, Johnson


28 thoughts on “Audi S4 with 250km/h speed limiter

  1. Where can you buy this in game?

    1. liltrainer546

      Daf dealer in Amsterdam

  2. what the point having cars on this game? same as as buses ya can’t do anything with them but just drive around….

    1. because some people like driving just around

    2. Why? Cuz we like just driving around. !!! Please do ferrari italia pleasee!!!

      1. het is kaolo mapima

    3. tu connais un autre jeu qui te permet de rouler sur des milliers de kilomètres de routes et d’autoroute? Même city driving ne le fais pas si bien. Si le mod ne t’intéresse pas t’es pas obligé de laisser ce genre de commentaire. Chacun est libre de jouer comme il veut. Tu me fais penser aux types qui s’énervent sur l’intérêts des cheatscodes dans les jeux.

      1. Je suis trop d’accord

  3. ZeKidFREEzy

    Hello I tested your mod but several small bug’s reported: the taillights and front are set incorrectly and the engine makes the noise of a truck over the gps is upside down.
    Otherwise continue like this it is not a bad idea.
    Desolated for othographe I am Belgian;)


  4. cool mod, but I have some bugs, and suggestions.

    -the satnav is upside down
    -the lights are still in the position the were on the truck
    -in my game it wont do 250kph, even with the ingame speed limiter off.
    -make a special sound for this, cause now it sounds like a truck 😛
    -make some special rims and parts to customize it
    -make a Avant version
    -keep doing what youre doing

  5. GoodTrucker

    where is the audi? i cant find it anywhere!

    1. Same..

  6. when is rain I don’t see anything because the wipers doesn’t wipe the glass

  7. this world is unique.
    yesterday, i look man tgx in nfs underground 2
    now, i look audi s4 in ets 2 (X_X)

    its so opposite……

    but, i like your mod:D

  8. OK…. well I would get bored of just driving around….. should make a taxi game….

    1. IF i succeed – i’ll try making some cars for the purpose of racing.

      ETS2 is a perfect game for open world racing.

  9. its a nice mod but,

    the engine sound is total #### , its sound like a truck!
    the gps is upside down
    the light are also not on the right place
    it doesnt go faster than 104 kph , i use trucks that go 130 kph !

  10. Not a ###### racing game ######… Go play NFS. This a delivery game…

    1. RobinJTrucker

      But i want to diliver faster

  11. so,
    its also a game with a better map than NFS.
    i’ve played NFS and the map is worse than the engine sound of this car

  12. Attention: This car does have a lot of drawbacks, but it can pick up bus passengers with the bus passenger mod. Only problem is the front wheels come off the ground.Question- can somebody redistribute the car center of gravity, so when you pick up bus passengers the front stays on the ground? How about getting 10,000-20,000 for taking passengers from one city to another,just like truck cargo. I know, what is coming next a drivable boat, how about a plane?
    Got a challenge for ya- someone fix the mirrors and the gps,and load passengers without its nose sitting in the air and WOW we have a truck-bus-car game, thats not just driving around- we get points and money for doing it!. Designers start the clock. Just a suggestion.

  13. Nice 🙂

  14. Where i can find this car in game?

  15. I can’t download… Somebody please help

  16. Aleksandras

    Will it work on American TS? Any cars for ATS?

  17. iTzSplashed

    2018? 😛

  18. It’s like a joke. The first mod in the history of Euro Truck Simulator.

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