Austria Test Track Beta v1


A straight road, no hills test track for testing trucks in Austria between Highway A12, close to Salzburg, and Highway A4, close to Wien.
The road will run in the same general direction as Highway A1. AI cars are disabled on the road so you wont need to avoid them when testing your trucks. Remember that this is a beta, so please don’t complain about open holes in the world or the lack of gas stations on the road. i will probably add gas stations soon. Make sure to read the README file in the .zip archive once you download it to read how to install this and for more info.



8 thoughts on “Austria Test Track Beta v1

  1. playstationmanrocks

    Its not working for me
    when i open my new save game with just the mod
    it crashes the whole game

  2. New Profil
    set Salzburg as Hometown

    have Pfun…..and drive carefully

    1. playstationmanrocks

      Ok ill try that

    2. playstationmanrocks

      It still doesnt work

  3. The Map should work now, I re-uploaded the mod. The old link in the Mod description still works, but the download now takes 80MB instead of 33MB. Please make sure to make a new game/save when using this mod. Thanks.

  4. TheSenDest

    Doesn’t work, atleast not for me.

  5. TheSenDest

    The road doesn’t show up in real-time nor on the map. I have it installed in the Mods folder and activated (enabled) in game.

  6. Not+work+in+1.24.3

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