Autosave Deletion (Advantage : No lag)


Autosave Deletion(Advantage : No lag) : 2014-11-16

The advantage of autosave deletion

<< No lag >>

Please use quicksave instead of autosave.

Tested ETS2 v.1.14.2



8 Responses to Autosave Deletion (Advantage : No lag)

  1. BLiNKT says:

    I make same mod and not working for me because this is no autosave for editor and not for a game…

  2. fredy says:

    Only for editor. Confused name. Useless for game autosave.

  3. Johny Wolker says:

    In the game does not work!!!

  4. Hemil says:

    This mod works well.
    During the game, Autosave is not at all.
    When you exit the game, Autosave is operated.

    • Darkness says:

      Like everyone else has said.. This is NOT a mod.. I repeat NOT A MOD for in-game autosave.
      This is a mod for the map editor. If you had bothered to even LOOK when you were changing def\editor_data.sii (I mean isn’t the name enough to ring bells?) you would’ve noticed that the save interval is 15minutes, whereas the in-game autosave that everyone hates, is 5minutes.
      If you’re going to make mods, at least do it properly.

  5. Doghouse says:

    I’m no pc expert, but this would be about the best mod I’ve used in my situation… A sad old laptop…The things no longer getting strangled by saving data during play and tripping over the next graphic hurdle…

  6. Gabriel says:

    Hello can you create this mod for euro truck simulator 2 1.22 patch

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