Autosave Deletion (Advantage : No lag)


Autosave Deletion(Advantage : No lag) : 2014-11-16

The advantage of autosave deletion

<< No lag >>

Please use quicksave instead of autosave.

Tested ETS2 v.1.14.2



8 thoughts on “Autosave Deletion (Advantage : No lag)

  1. I make same mod and not working for me because this is no autosave for editor and not for a game…

  2. Only for editor. Confused name. Useless for game autosave.

    1. Nefertiti

      Yep, that’s for map editor autosave!

  3. Johny Wolker

    In the game does not work!!!

  4. This mod works well.
    During the game, Autosave is not at all.
    When you exit the game, Autosave is operated.

    1. Like everyone else has said.. This is NOT a mod.. I repeat NOT A MOD for in-game autosave.
      This is a mod for the map editor. If you had bothered to even LOOK when you were changing def\editor_data.sii (I mean isn’t the name enough to ring bells?) you would’ve noticed that the save interval is 15minutes, whereas the in-game autosave that everyone hates, is 5minutes.
      If you’re going to make mods, at least do it properly.

  5. I’m no pc expert, but this would be about the best mod I’ve used in my situation… A sad old laptop…The things no longer getting strangled by saving data during play and tripping over the next graphic hurdle…

  6. Hello can you create this mod for euro truck simulator 2 1.22 patch

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