Autumn is Coming v 2.1

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SmhKzl Mods – Coming Series

Autumn is Coming v2.1 Fixed the game crash and more

– New HDR **
– New Terrains Textures – added 5 new 2.1
– Edited all Colors
– Realistic New Fog / Fixed 2.1

– New Rain Sound – Added- 2.1
– New Abiance Sounds- 2.1 City,Forest,vs,vs

– New Road Textures – Dusty Effects
– No Harvester
– Autumnal Daylight Hours Fixed
– Realistic Street Lights
– Realistic Ai Cars and Trucks Lights
– Lamp On: 18:00 – Lamp Off: 08:00 2.1

Optional installation
– New Trailer Pack – Dusty Effects + New Cargos

Author: SmhKzl


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3 thoughts on “Autumn is Coming v 2.1

  1. Ufak hatalar var dostum
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    1. oyunu etkiliycek bişey değil

  2. never had problem with this mod, no crash no errors, I used other mods but I liked this one more than others, here is few tips if you would like to improve in my opinion:

    – the current sky at night is greenish, maybe you can fix it little more.
    – Rain effects, maybe you could do more wet or something

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