Autumn Mod v 4.0


– Pavement textures now leaves
– New Tree Textures
– Changed several asphalt textures
– Hedges changed textures
– Lots of new textures
– Rather dark (about 19 clock) and later Hell (about 6 clock)
– New rain and thunder sound
– Sawmill new sound
– New Traffic Light colors
– Tires changed particles

New in v 4.0 version:
– Modified asphalt textures
– Revised terrain textures should now have no more white stripes

Authors: ETS, ATS, GTS, Icemann29


17 thoughts on “Autumn Mod v 4.0

  1. It works with the update to version. 1.5.2?

    1. Great job, and yes it works with 1.5.2

    2. VolterMort


  2. Works perfect 1.5.2 and ProMods, are you considering making a winter package too because I already love this one 🙂

  3. works on Going East DLC?

    1. Yes

  4. not a bad mod,please fix map zoom for TSM,can’t see the african continent,everything else seems to be OK.Thanks

    1. Robisierra

      + 1

  5. Is it working with tsm map 3.5 and 1.4.12??

  6. For anyone lagging reduce the rain drops in game_data.sii (its @ 10000…….) default is 5000

  7. Make it work for ETS 2 v1.4.12

    1. ScaniaVabisr620

      It works on 1.4.12. You have to open the def folder and delete the world folder there. Then it works with all patches. 🙂

  8. brill been looking for one to work with TSM Maps Thank you

  9. fantastic mod only got one problem with it there are a lot of orange flashing lights in the truck any one know why.

  10. The mod works perfectly except that instead of 120 km / h speed limit can only travel 90 km / h.

    1. My game version is 1.7

  11. Still works perfectly fine on the newest version 1.12 🙂

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