Autumn Mod v 7.0


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With this mod you change the texture of the game on the autumn colors

– New Textures roads
– Textures Now leaves sidewalks (pavements covered with fallen leaves)
– New Textures trees
– Changed Texture hedges
– Many New textures on the horizon
– New Rain and thunderstorm sound
– New Sound sawmill
– Changed Particle tires
– Changed Texture of asphalt
– Peresmotreny Terrain texture

Tested for: 1.12.1 and 1.14 versions, Pro Mods v 1.71

Authors: Icemann29, GTS


12 thoughts on “Autumn Mod v 7.0

  1. Thanks i was waiting for that sort of mod 😀

  2. Is the time of sunraise and senset changed? Like here in Norway atleast, the sun sets much earlier, and raises much later, so the nights get longer.

  3. este mod sirve aun cuando se bajan las graficas????

  4. Iceman – U stoled a work of any other Moder – U know what i mean 😛

  5. Video?

  6. This mod doesnt contain any def folder so it wont change the climate and etc ..not worth the download.

    1. “This video contains content from Acromax Media Music, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

      1. 2play4fun007

        fixed 🙂

  7. Please, fix time of sunrise and sunset. Autumn on street, and sunrise and sunset as in summertime.

  8. shaithanee

    шикарный мод, возвращает наконец-то в атмосферу дальнобойщиков II !

    brilliant work
    could the ai cars be dirtier? And the moon smaller?

    thank you

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