Autumn Mod v 7.0


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With this mod you change the texture of the game on the autumn colors

– New Textures roads
– Textures Now leaves sidewalks (pavements covered with fallen leaves)
– New Textures trees
– Changed Texture hedges
– Many New textures on the horizon
– New Rain and thunderstorm sound
– New Sound sawmill
– Changed Particle tires
– Changed Texture of asphalt
– Peresmotreny Terrain texture

Tested for: 1.12.1 and 1.14 versions, Pro Mods v 1.71

Authors: Icemann29, GTS


12 Responses to Autumn Mod v 7.0

  1. Stefan says:

    Thanks i was waiting for that sort of mod 😀

  2. matpol98 says:

    Is the time of sunraise and senset changed? Like here in Norway atleast, the sun sets much earlier, and raises much later, so the nights get longer.

  3. jose says:

    este mod sirve aun cuando se bajan las graficas????

  4. Renegade says:

    Iceman – U stoled a work of any other Moder – U know what i mean 😛

  5. Anders says:


  6. Uxot says:

    This mod doesnt contain any def folder so it wont change the climate and etc ..not worth the download.

  7. Heka says:

    Please, fix time of sunrise and sunset. Autumn on street, and sunrise and sunset as in summertime.

  8. shaithanee says:

    шикарный мод, возвращает наконец-то в атмосферу дальнобойщиков II !

    brilliant work
    could the ai cars be dirtier? And the moon smaller?

    thank you

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