Autumn Trailer


Ignore that “texture not found” in trailer browser, on the road, trailer looks normal.
tested 1.20.1
hope you like it đŸ™‚

KiLLer Modding


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  1. kent76 says:


  2. Shadders62 says:

    Hi to get rid of the missing texture problem in ui goto ETS2 Studio 0-6-2-5\data\trailers\default then replace the ui_shadow.pmg and ui_shadow.pmd for each trailer with the ones from the scs 1.20 base file, then when making trailers you will no longer get this problem,

    Hope this is helpful to you

    • Shadders62 says:

      just notice you used v0.6.1.8 it works exactly the same

      • kiLLer Modding says:

        can you help me with the version of ets2 studio? I can not download it

        • Shadders62 says:

          just register at werewolfsoft forums and its available for download, its still in beta at moment but works well and has the ability to do double sided trailers,
          if you have another problem with download let me know I will if I can help

          • Shadders62 says:

            a way you can fix current trailer is replace ui_shadow.pmg and ui_shadow.pmd in mod with the ones from scs 1.20 base, that will get rid off the missing texture issue

          • kiLLer Modding says:

            done, I downloaded it, thank you, now all my trailers and skins will have manifest.sii

  3. Shadders62 says:

    No problem glad you got it sorted,

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