AvanueLf’s Sound Enhancement Package

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Hi Allah ­čÖé I’ve been depressed for a long time
Some basic features list and explanation
1-Air brakes
1.1 In air brakes, the sound of all vehicles is collected in a common chorus, saving a certain amount
1.2 5 different air brake sounds
1.3 I use the Wabco air brake in the sounds, so the sound is a little long
2-Inner sounds
2.1 6 Different swaying noises
2.2 Sounds of swinging IÔÇÖve gotten the sounds from the long-wheelbase vehicles IÔÇÖve gotten Omsi2
2.3 Many sound settings including echo can be reestablished
3-Bar and button sounds
3.1 I tried to adjust all the voices to a real level with a very fine workmanship
4- Rubber sounds
4.1 I tried to decode some audio errors in older versions
4.2 I have been listening to the axle and the diffuse sounds so that the sound will not be crowded
4.3 I regret that I have to take some voices from Omsi2
4.4 Personally I do not have any nice rubber sounds I would be grateful if someone who wants to share my tire sounds with me can communicate with me
5-ambient sounds
5.1 10/8 of all surround sounds available in the mode I can share the I-DOSER version of surround sounds if requested
5.2 I added air conditioning sound to the internal rain sound when it rained
6-Other sounds
In 6.1 mode the tacho sound is available at 90 kmh (55 mph) and above
6.2 Pressure relief sound of the brakes added
6.3 Available in some small voices (click sounds like camera sound and so on)
6.4 New game music
6.5 Sounds that are present in the rating but are still inactive are available in the mode so you will not have to update the mode when the sounds are activated

Baz─▒ temel ├Âzellikler listesi ve a├ž─▒klamas─▒

1-Hava frenleri

1.1 Hava frenlerinde t├╝m ara├žlar─▒n sesi ortak bir klos├Ârde toplan─▒p boyuttan bir miktar tasarruf edilmi┼čtir

1.2 5 farkl─▒ hava freni sesi vard─▒r

1.3 Seslerde Wabco hava freni kulland─▒─č─▒m i├žin sesi biraz uzun ├ž─▒k─▒yor

2-─░├ž sesler

2.1 6 Farkl─▒ sallanma sesleri var

2.2 Sallanma sesleri uzun ┼časili ara├žlardan kaydoldu i┼čin do─črusu sesleri Omsi2 den temin ettim

2.3 Ekoleyz─▒r dahil bir ├žok ses ayar─▒ yeniden kuruldu

3-├çubuk ve d├╝─čme sesleri

3.1 T├╝m sesleri ├žok ince bir i┼čcilikle ger├žek ses seviyesine yak─▒n bir ┼čekilde ayarlamaya ├žal─▒┼čt─▒m

4- Lastik sesleri

4.1 Eski s├╝r├╝mlerde biraz ses kusuru vard─▒ ├ž├Âzmeye ├žal─▒┼čt─▒m

4.2 Aks ve diffaransiyel seslerini sessize ald─▒m b├Âylece giderken ses kalabal─▒─č─▒ olmuyacak

4.3 Yine ├╝z├╝lerek s├Âyl├╝yorumki baz─▒ sesleri Omsi2ÔÇÖden alma zorunda kald─▒m

4.4 ┼×ahsen hi├žde g├╝zel lastik seslerim yok lastik seslerini benimle payla┼čmak isteyen biri benle ileti┼čime ge├žebilir minnettar kal─▒r─▒m

5-Çevre sesleri

5.1 T├╝m ├ževre seslerinin 10/8 lik k─▒sm─▒ modda mevcut e─čer istek olursa ├ževre seslerinin ─░-DOSER s├╝r├╝m├╝n├╝ payla┼čabilirim

5.2 Ya─čmur ya─čarken i├ž ya─čmur sesine klima sesi ekledim

6-Di─čer sesler

6.1 Modda tako sesi mevcut 90 kmh (55mph) ve daha ├╝st├╝nde ├ž─▒k─▒yor

6.2 Frenlerin bas─▒n├ž bo┼čaltma sesi eklendi

6.3 Baz─▒ ufak seslerde modda mevcut (T─▒klama sesleri kamera sesi ve bunun gibi)

6.4 Yeni oyun m├╝zikleri

6.5 Oyunda haz─▒r olarak bulunan ama hala aktif edilmeyen sesler modda mevcut b├Âylece sesler aktif edilince modu g├╝ncelleme zorunda kalm─▒yacaks─▒n─▒z

Do not forget to tell which features you want!

AvanueLf HakanKara38 SCS OMS─░


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  1. there is a typing error sorry

    “Hi Allah” = Hi all*

  2. hacer un video de sonido y poner esa puta musica .hay que joderse

    1. Hey pucco
      The things I do here do not concern you. My tastes my rules

  3. HappyHidde

    the new Scania S has engine sounds on the outside but in the cab
    itself its silent?

    1. Hey happyhidde

      Sorry my mistake, I did not realize it during the test phase

      1. Same for Scania 4 by Rjl

  4. Should this ÔÇťHi AllahÔÇŁ ment to be *Hi all*…..???
    Because sending messages to him is in different forum…!
    This is Ets2 section!

    1. Alex

      ­čÖü I have no religion, but I have respect for all religions, races and typing errors

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