AwibMap V1.1 to 1.4.8


Password: “AwiBMoD”


The mod has modified nearly 50 cities. Each company has changes in
their cargo areas either obstacles or paths to follow. Also in some
cities were added accidents in construction zones, cutting of trees
and fallen trees, landslides stone areas that hinder the passage
(street stones physical properties), animals crossing the road of
unforeseen, etc..

Other caractteristicas:

-On some level crossings freight train was changed to passengers
Natural-stone Brokers on some roads
-3 Alternative paths: Hannover – Kassel
Verona – Milan
Bratislava – Salzburg
-4 Flood between Praha and Brno
-5 Highway plane crash north near Groningen
6 – Ferry traffic to board

So you see there are more things but the agreement did not he!

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATIONS: Tested in version 1.4.8
Alternative paths require good power truck.
In the difficulties that arise in the courts of the companies may have
to make reverse maneuvers and use, or if you fail at first does not
mean it’s a mistake on the map. In order to try it as a good driver
before report a bug or error.
Given the nature of the mod, mods such as special charges and long
load are not supported.

Made by AwibMoD – Converted by Tutovene


51 thoughts on “AwibMap V1.1 to 1.4.8

  1. Looks Goods but What is password?

    1. Excuse!!!

      1. Jason Murray


  2. needs a password even just for the read me

    1. it says the password further up the page, ###### look next time.

  3. I love this mode, put challenges in pick/delivery areas, i use it before but unfortunately don’t work on TSM_3.5, I already try it :(( … would be great if the author could adjust it

  4. yes can make author mod to work with TSM 3.5 map

  5. Looks Goods but What is password?

  6. password?

  7. Jason Murray

    Toll gates don’t open? Can you please fix it!

    1. do a search for free toll gate v1.3.1. worked for me.

      1. Jason Murray, mine tollgate opens fine. Maybe one of your mod makes conflict or something else but tollgate is not broken. Where your tollgate dont work?

  8. i opened the file but its not scs , any help how to make it to scs ….

  9. you must extract it with winrar or 7z program

    1. Jason Murray

      tomsis.. I did extract it, But the gates at toll don’t open, now i’m stuck!

  10. Brauche das Passwort

  11. I wish it could work with TSM 3.5 map. I usually start off in the middle of the map so I can explore and expand my way to the TSM map. I would love to see the challenges on the original city map as well.

  12. don’t you have a old profile without TSM? if you do, try it or creat a new one without TSM just to see it 🙂
    to me, the original game should have something like that in the game and the TSM team could also do it, can’t understand why not, makes the game much more interesting
    Drive safe

    1. Very good map nice and challenging,but we all use tsm 3.5 now and we would appreciate if that map would work with it.

  13. Ya know this game was originally build on Europe. Just because you have adapted to using TSM as your base, does not mean that should be the basis for everything being developed. A lot of developers have probably looked at the new setting for the map design and threw up in frustration. I am hoping that all the previous maps reoocur to 1.4.x design.
    The basis for mods is to mod them to the original-updated maps written by SCS, but some of you want to make a mod as the new game base, which was not in the original design.
    Frankly I am very satisfied with the teams of modders and map makers, driving their efforts to adapt 1.3.1 maps and other mods to the new 1.4.x set up. I am tired of the mountains of misplaced giveme requests the modding people have to climb over only to get I WANT MORE MY WAY! attitude.
    This game is developing to a level of unstoppability never seen in this type of simulation.
    This map is only about 1/2 finished and I would like to see it THEIR WAY! Thank you You get 10 out of 10 stars for this map revision and keep them coming. OH by the way I am not a SPAM BOT!

    1. RoadFlyer

      That sounds all find and well…but SCS allowed their game to be modded by individuals to try and make the game more interesting. Some people like the idea…some don’t. That’s the great choice about this game. To those who don’t want a modded game, fine. Go and use Euro Truck Sim the way it was designed straight from the factory. But to those who want to change things up a bit like design a paint scheme or create different routes and cities, let them use ETS like they want to…also the way it was designed from the factory. To each his own. But to condemn others for using the game, “As It Was Designed From The Factory” not cool. Go in peace brother and use ETS as you choose to.

      1. Michael Fase

        that isn’t his point. his point is all people here complain someone should make their map compatible with the map someone else made. when I mod something I make it for the base game. I am not going to modifiy it so that it is compatible with all mods.

  14. roadrunner

    thank you its a very nice map i’m going to injoy playing in this map well done

  15. trucking129

    i can not get the password to work

    1. copy and past the password in the description, capital letters in the password are required for it to be accepted

  16. LegoLeipzig

    Super aber viel Geduld bei BDF LKWs Danke 🙂
    per yet much patience in BDF trucks thank you 🙂

  17. Double Clutch

    Good map works fine, thanks for the work keep at er.

  18. verry verry good map , i run a more weight mod and a special transport mod on it and its work just perfect

    1. ok heavyweight mod is working fine on this mod only u cant deliver ur load to some delivery points becouse o the extra’s where u need to drive to in some company’s lol . so plan ur freights good so u dont have any probs ! just like in the real world 🙂

  19. Game crashes when i get near the first red van in the dover ferry crossing apart from that pretty good map like the new challenges but crashes has made me go back to stock map

  20. Commenter

    Bug in Milano to Verona alternative route

    1. Very nice bux 🙂

  21. Very cool mod guys!

  22. soeren aures

    die map läst sich net entpacken

  23. The UK map no longer fits, does anyone know of a fix for this?

  24. I like parts of your map, not everything but what I like the most is the depot in Leipzig (Eurogoodies) because its the most realistic one (to me) 🙂 If you can make more depots like that – yay! 😀

    Oooh and (maybe its me) but I had difficulties leaving a Sanbuilder depot with a flatbed, the angle from where you need to drive between obstacles is super narrow, making it really hard to pass

  25. found the end of the world ! if u drive from BRNO to wroclaw using the alternative road, halfway a couple km before the gas station u can turn right , just a smal piece of that road u can see on the map , when u keep following that road thats where the end off the world is and ur truck fals off the earth 🙂 . game did not crash only needed to use the F7 enter towing option and reset at the truck garage nearby . first bug on this map i see after +- 5000 km . verry verry good MOD , using now almost +- 10 extra mods on it and never crashed .hope u can see the image from the bug ! keep up the good works and moddings 😉

  26. -4 Flood between Praha and Brno
    Didnt you made this mode when was here in Czech flood ?

    (I dont know if i wrote this sentence right so sorry for my english).

    By the way Great Mod

  27. Szetland1971

    This will be an obstacle course and simulator.
    looks nice but not realistic.
    Some of the games have already done NFs using the 2000 hp engines.
    I suggest jet engines.

    to ma być tor z przeszkodami czy symulator.
    ładnie wyglada ale mało realne.
    niektórzy z tej gry zrobili już NFs stosując silniki po 2000 KM.
    proponuję silniki odrzutowe.

  28. nice Mod works perfect 🙂

  29. Seems that i cant use it annymore in 4.12…..can you update it 1.4.12 please so i can stay using this mod cause i like it verry match,thx

    1. i run it on 4.12 no problems for me !

    2. check your mods! it will not work with any other map mods and you need the original Europe map to get it to work. best thing to do is deactivate all mods but the AWIBMAP MOD, make the first save then slowly add other mods to see what works

  30. infobulle971

    Great mod ( y ) It is a pity he is fille with bugs: (

    Version : 1.4.12

    When the new update of Mod?!!

  31. Well today is a sad day for this map. This map no longer is going east with the DLC. The roads do not connect,but the map works with DLC installed in the map. I hope the map designer is planning an upgrade to this great map. BOOOOHOOO.

  32. Yep! This is one of the best mod ever, absolutely! I hope willbe updated soon for DLC… TY!

  33. Please refresh this card to the latest version of the game! Thank you!

  34. i have patch 1.4.12s will this mod work on it fine?

  35. can you make this mod for the 1.22 patch??

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