Azur Lane (Resplendent Night) skin for SCS Box Trailer

Works on the SCS Box Trailer of any body type. This is a special trailer skin I made based off from the Azur Lane event ‘Light-Chasing Sea of Stars’. The shipgirl’s skins can be found on the Port Fashion Collection: Resplendent Night in which the theme represents certain shipgirls dressed in Bunny girl outfits.

-Works on all trailer body types
-All parts are painted correctly
-Trailer chains/variations (Body, B-Double, and HCT) are included

Please avoid re-editing this skin cause I worked very hard on this skin

AJG (Virtu-Real Trucking on Twitter / X)


2 thoughts on “Azur Lane (Resplendent Night) skin for SCS Box Trailer

  1. Very nice mod dude no wonder you not upload a mod for long time now, great job. What’s next?

  2. Upload it on
    They are paying 5X more money than sharemods.

    Try and you will see amazing results 🙂

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