BAB 31 Extension to emden v 1.0.1 [1.30.X]

– Fixed some bad collisions
– Fixed map holes and other small mistakes
– Made parking lot drivable (not recommended though and only works with barrier removing mods)

Place the pm_emden_1_01.scs file into your Euro Truck Simulator 2mod folder. When in the game activate the mod in the mod manager and make sure to place it above all ProMods files.
If you have an old version of the addon delete/disable the file and enable the new version.

For this addon to work you will need all seven ProMods packages as well as all current ETS2 DLC’s (Going East, Scandinavia, Vive La France & Italia).



4 thoughts on “BAB 31 Extension to emden v 1.0.1 [1.30.X]

  1. FAKE!!!!

  2. Game Crash!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! FAKE MAP!!!! No PROMODS ADDON!!!!

  3. Tested, and it works, it has some bugs but nice that somebody has done this, thanks to creator, if you don’t believe go to official SCS forum there you find this Mod too

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