Back Bumper Custom V3 for Scania RJL R & T and both 4 series

back-bumper-1 back-bumper-2 back-bumper-3

Backbumper Custrom for RJL mod V3

Fixed backbumper with extra parts
for use my bumper go to shop and delete everything from your bumper and then select this one

It’s works on:
-scania R
-scania R4
-scania T
-scania T4

this bumper works only with RJL V2.0 and T V2.0 and 4 series R&T

if you have the old version of RJL stay with the Custom Backbumper V2!

changes to v3
– change brightnes from color for now it wil have the same color of youre skin
– fix slots position
– new template (you have to change your skin ) and for now it won’t cross the powerkasi stuff on template
– delete some old slots points
– left and right side slots only for long side lights from powerkasi lightpack
– add reverse lights (for slots on the toolbox left side near chassis and right side near chassis)
– add stiholts mudflaps
– add scanva diesel mudflaps

feel free if you whant to but keep it for personal use
DO NOT re-uploading edited mod without my permission

Authors: chefprutser, Bc Brebel, RJL


16 Responses to Back Bumper Custom V3 for Scania RJL R & T and both 4 series

  1. vivi75 says:

    what sideskirt did you use?

  2. Robin says:

    Awesome job dude! Just What I needed. Do you think you can make a better curtain for the RJL truck? The scs ones #### and are way to Small.

  3. DirtyMercy says:

    Do it for Mercedes Actros MP4? 🙂
    Please 🙂

  4. Chefprutser says:

    Thnx all
    @vivi75 (powerkasi skirts mod 0.7) i have change the def files and make it works with the 4 serie rjl

    @Robin i don’t make animation stuff if that what you mean

    • vivi75 says:

      Thanks for the answer but how did you do that? When I use it the back lights don’t appear

    • Robin says:

      No animation needed. Just like the curtains used by Caspian and Truckskill

    • Alexxx says:

      I tried to do same, no success, could you share powerkasi skirts mod 0.7 working with 4 series?

  5. Chefprutser says:

    @vivi75 with the 0.7 you must delete the addonhookups then it wil works

  6. sorka says:

    hvala lepo

  7. PentaYO says:

    What mod is that for the license plate?

  8. nic0ch0c says:

    Where did you get your taillights and sidelights please ? Because I only have the recoil lamps and the rear bibs..

  9. ScaniaSlayer says:


  10. ScaniFan says:

    Make it for the Scania S please!

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