Back Camera For All Truck 1.39 (Rear Camera)

►This mod adds a new camera angle to the game.
►You can easily see your back with this camera angle.
►To use this camera angle, press the ” 5 ” (default is this, you may have changed) on the keyboard.
►Compatible with all trucks.
►Bu mod, oyuna yeni bir kamera açısı ekler.
►Bu kamera açısı ile arkanızı rahatlıkla görebilirsiniz.
►Bu kamera açısını kullanmak için klavyedeki “5” e basın (eğer değiştirmediyseniz).
►Tüm tırlarla uyumludur.



10 thoughts on “Back Camera For All Truck 1.39 (Rear Camera)

  1. This is good for a grils

    1. AvM Transport


      1. For children, girls, better ?

        1. Mate you don’t have to use.

          1. pls make it work with sourround setup.. camera is glitching with 5760×1080 resolution…

  2. mmayblancasfdz

    Very good contribution! This reverse image can be put on an extra screen inside the cabin to make it more real?

  3. Thanks Mate

  4. Nice mod, many thanks.

  5. Pls fix 5760×1080 Ratio with this mod, cam glitches at using that resolution..

  6. Pls take a look at a 5760×1080 resolution..Needs a fix..

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