Back Camera For All Truck v2 by MLT (Rear Camera)

Rotatable feature added to camera angle.

Camera can be rotated.
It can turn 90° right.
It can turn 90° left.
It can turn 60° top.
It can turn 60° down.

►This mod adds a new camera angle to the game.
►You can easily see your back with this camera angle.
►To use this camera angle, press the ” 5 ” (default is this, you may have changed) on the keyboard.
►Compatible with all trucks.

my blog:

I share the mods I made on my blog. I will be happy if you visit.

!!!It prohibits re-uploading my files. If seen, it is reported first with evidence.Even if you upload it to upload sites other than Sharemods, it will be removed with evidence.!!!



11 thoughts on “Back Camera For All Truck v2 by MLT (Rear Camera)

  1. MLTs official blog:
    I share the mods I made on my blog. I will be happy if you visit.

  2. That’s a great idea but not realistic tho.
    It would be nice if it was on a small screen, like the GPS, as an item on the dashboard. Like the parking camera for cars.

    1. I’m already working on showing it on the screen. can come soon. healthy drives

      1. Nice! 😀

  3. jdwarfer da bist du falsch informiert mein Vater sein Mercedes Actros
    2000 er Version hatte eine Camera on Board mit Display und Dach Cam
    wurde bei Mercedes für 4000 LKWs der Firma Uhlhorn nachgerüstet
    Mein Vater und ich waren selber bei Mercedes und haben den neuen LKW abgeholt viele US Trucks haben schon Cam on Board

  4. HenriqueSantos

    I’m sorry buddy, but it looks like you just took a MOD from the Steam workshop and are distributing it here as if it were your creation.

    1. Thanks for your comment, but when I made this mod, I didn’t see any other mods. I did it on special request. I created files by editing the game files myself, not its his files.

      1. HenriqueSantos

        it is exactly the same internal file with only two lines with different values.

        see the image
        on the left side is your file,
        to the right is the original Steam file

        1. we are not creating files from scratch. We both use the files made by SCS SOFTWARE. It is natural that it is similar.

  5. compatible with 3 monitor gaming? Last time it wasn’t..

  6. Amazing! Thank you so much!

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