BadKarma Customs Accessory Pack for RJL Scania

– LED Lights
– Left and right indicators
– Rear & brake lights
– Reverse light
– All light have 2 versions, clear glass and colored glass
– X-Vision LED Light Bar
– Bumper Tonerud Style
– Bottom Grill with Reverse lights

BadKarma Customs, AB 3DSM, Rizal, Solutech, SCS, (rits for re-upload)


16 thoughts on “BadKarma Customs Accessory Pack for RJL Scania

  1. Does anyone have problems, with turnsignals doesn’t work???

    1. mark van der veen

      you must it set on the top of your mod list

      gr mark

  2. Sebastian Z

    the indicators didn’t work in game 🙁

  3. Hi, is there a flare pack i need to use as the blinkers wont work when i remove the limetech trailer whitch has the same rear lights?

    1. Leon van der Meij

      Same problem here, unfortunately….

  4. Hi! I have the same problem as andify69. I also can’t seem to find the rear bumper. Is is the P8 accessory pack causing the problem maybe?


  5. Log is full of errors … same st*** sh** as version before !!!

  6. the blinkers don`t work 🙁

  7. the indicators still dosen´t work and why can´t i use any of my other indicator lights?

    1. Big thanks Rvtuono 🙂

  8. The Loader

    ive found that my indicators problem was a mod conflict with caspians weiltan tanker trailer mod

  9. Christian

    Hey could you make this mod, so it would fit/work with the Scania S730 made by HomerS ??

    could be bad ###

  10. Hi+is+there+a+template+for+the+rear+bumper+at+all?

  11. my turnsignals dont work

  12. hi guys i have a Problem..

    Backlights are only shown and availlable on the Backside of the Cabin not for the Backbumper..

    can someone give me a hint or help me ..

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