Bangladesh Map Mod V2.0 [1.27.x]

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Finally added Jobs and a ferry access to it from Europe. Works with any other profile now.

Nafis Faisal, BD GameX, Fahim R Auvro


11 thoughts on “Bangladesh Map Mod V2.0 [1.27.x]

  1. ProMods + RusMap Compatible?

    1. spartacus33

      ProMods, RusMap, ROS, MarioMap, SR Map… NOT Compatible?
      Normal, because this map take the area (zone) of Russia…
      If you have the 3 DLC’s or TSM, it’s ok, it’s logic !!!

  2. Mercedes Dealer Crash

  3. Akshay Tripathi

    i never found the bus you drive in map gameplay and also mercedes dealer crashes… btw in next update please exclude the EAA maps because i was already using it and now downloading it again with you map makes no sense…

  4. warum verbindet keiner diese map mit den anderen,,,das ist eine externe map…kannste vergessen,,,,

  5. Will You Please reply ?
    Never Found the bus which drive in gameplay , the “Hanif” bus
    and whenever try to enter mercedes dealer , its crashed
    some mod are unavailable i found it on mod manager when extract and install the mod

    i hope you will Solve this problems

  6. i hate u bangla ######

    #### you thief, i hope you will die imediatly

  7. Sinar Jaya..????? its from INDONESIA.
    Bangladesh player steal mod from INDONESIA

  8. you’ll never found that bus, coz bd gamex steal Indonesian mod

  9. kulam thasthaheer

    it will work with version

  10. how to install the mod??need the complete process as the game is crashing..

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