Basic truck traffic by carivo


This mod removes all C cabin and 6×4 axle trucks from AI traffic.
The reason I did that is because there are too many of them and that is very different in reality.

** If other traffic mods are used it is recomended to set the priority of this mod below them **

Enjoy it!



6 thoughts on “Basic truck traffic by carivo

  1. C cabins are the bigger ones? Or smaller?

  2. Smaller ones.

  3. Quent1_Fr

    Pls make a mod for limit the C cabins in traffic

    1. I agree, we still want to see them, just less frequency, thanks.

  4. It is under develop. Use the mod together with Jazzycat’s Truck traffic pack, this gives the AI traffic a good mix of low and high cabs.

  5. TheGreenlightTrucker

    144MB for a little DEF file ?!
    Yes, I done it for my own. 1,72KB ?

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