Baustellen map v2

Hey people! I’ve decided, but to create additional sites Map’s. This you will not immediately but from here, but visit our blog (click me). Here I will also post pictures of the current state of the work, so it has kept up to date.
If you have further questions PM or email to [email protected]
Site is located between Frankfurt and Dortmund / Dortmund and Frankfurt (A45)
Tested on 1.2.5 (.1)
Author: allabouttrucksim


5 Responses to Baustellen map v2

  1. Pjotr says:

    Anyone knows what road(s) that map adds?

  2. Alex says:

    What road is added to the games and where is it?

  3. Alex says:

    the construction site is placed on the E45 in germant between Dortmund and Frankfurt Am Main

  4. OibafLP says:

    De Link is Broken. can you ReUpload it?

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