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The modification allows you to purchase various accessories for your truck.Create your own style using high-quality lights and accessories created by the Belka Customs workshop.For correct operation, any modification that adds slots is necessary

9 variants of “Hella Double Burners” (Orange,white,red, mixed..)


16 variants of nameplates on the grid.2 variants (Chrome 2mm, Plastic 6 mm) (Super, Besser, Vabis and others..)


505 variants of “Gylle” side horns.5 glow options (6Led, E-mark, X-style, Neon, Lamp).7 versions (Short, Front, Long and others..) different colors.


180 options for front mudguards. 6 Sizes [50×18] [50×25] [50×30] [60×18] [60×25] [60×30]. 2 types: black or with a white stripe of different brands (Daf, Volvo, Scania and others)


18 variants of “lollipops”. 2 types of Plastic,Paint (Orange, white, red, mixed..)


24 variants of the lights of the road train: Old School and New School with two types of operation DRL (from ignition) and PRK (from dimensions). 2 types of Plastic,Paint


24 variants of “horns” from Scania on the roof.2 location options (Left, Right).3 Colors. 2 types of Plastic, Paint

Latest update: v.2.2
Adaptation for AMD graphics cards
Fixed some bugs
New glass material
New baked goods models,textures,Gylle variants
New lighting
Added shadows on accessories (except mudguards)
Redesigned TopLamp (new textures, light mask, added baking and painting option)
Redesigned nameplates (optimized, fixed dimensions (Chrome 2mm, Plastic 6mm), added baking, recycled white material)
New “Gylle” horn icons



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