BC-Exterior Belka accessory v2.5.1

New Full 3D front mudflaps models + new size + new type
Added “Was Parts” products: parking lights w174,w175,w198,w199,w240 with working reflectors (only reflect light from another player), side markers w168: 1165,1167,1169,1171,1173
Added various marker lights
Added various marker lights with working reflectors (only light from other players is reflected)
Added Ecopoint 1/2, Europoint 1, Stands Led taillights
Added custom license plate kit (Frames, lettering, numbers, license plate mount, license plate light) (install via red slots)
Added functional stripes/plates/triangle reflectors (only reflect light from the other player)
Added Hella 220 high beam headlights
Added new Michelin dolly sizes 24,30,40 cm + unlit option
Added work light headlights
Added plate “girl”
Added plate 70,80,90, arrow, brick, Angles Morts signs
Added antennas on the roof

Added custom slot kits:
– Schmitz SKO rear bumper slots
– Slots of Schmitz SKO rear door decals
– Slots for Johnny’s Volvo FH3 side markers sideskirts
– Slots for some trucks (Lightbox/bottom grill)

Version 2.5.1:
– upport SRI Lightbox Pack by JS Truckstyling



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