The modification includes:
-Tables for trucks
-Stickers on the windshield and side windows
-slots on the panel and windshield Dashboard mat,
-Ambient interior lighting (located in the beacons slot (turned on together with the side markers)) + main light (in addition to the background lighting +Basic) (turned on from the flashing beacons button (default O)
-Side curtains and curtains on the windshield
-Air freshener “Poppy” and “Poppy mini” Caps on the panel
-Hanging air fresheners “Poppy”,”Areon” and others
-Air freshener “Poppy Mini” on the deflector
-Lightboxes on glass
-Triangle pennants
-Pennant “mini scarf”
-Hanging dice
and more…

Tested for 1.48.5



8 thoughts on “BC INTERIOR BELKA ACCESSORY [1.48.5]

  1. If you take the disc slot from Wollni you can’t see the writing at all. So you can’t combine your stickers with other slots.

  2. You must fixed this.

  3. Sticker Scania in the shop, does not have the “middle” position. All other lettering is in the middle. Cool. See picture attached.

    Link: https://abload.de/image.php?img=ets2_20231106_003800_3ffgv.png

  4. stefan andersen

    what am I missing since I don’t have all those slots in the window?

    1. Truckerdave

      Mod is broken or something, doesnt work for me either.. Lots of stuff that doesnt work, hats for poppys for example, no way to put the hats on the poppy.. Could be a mod conflict but i doubt it, people upload broken mods all the time here…

  5. In the picture I linked, you can see the Scania more to the left than to the right, which is why it is circled in the picture. But your stickers are all in the middle. This means that the Scania Slot font is shifted and does not coincide with the center (now think in mirror image, since it is viewed from the outside). In addition, your stickers are not visible in other window slot mods (example: Wolli). You can only see them from the inside, not from the outside.

  6. Would be great if you could download it… Make a new download link or something

  7. how do i put on the hats on the poppys

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