BC Talmu Pack v1.45.3.9

The modification allows you to purchase legendary lights “Hella Talmu”.Real lights for connoisseurs “Old school” and “Holland style”.When creating, high-quality materials were used, which made it possible to achieve a more or less real look.

Lanterns work together with side lights, have their own light mask and are completely autonomous. For the right installation lights, any modification is required that allows you to install the lights under the bumper.

-Two mounting options (back;top)
-Two options for the front glass (white;yellow)
-Three glow options

Works in an official convoy!

For modders:
installation slots b_grill ; f_grill

-Fixed missing automats
-Fixed flares
-Updated models

For 1.45x



2 thoughts on “BC Talmu Pack v1.45.3.9

  1. nothing was changed

  2. Jonathan

    FAKE. Original only in Steam

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