BCD Scania Race pack V1.1


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BCD scania Race pack v1.0
Whats New with the update..


New Custom Remoddeld 4×2 Light Weight Chassis for Scania S and R.
Refined Sounds for all engines
Fixed idles for all engines
New Exhaust Addons on different spots on the chassis with all Stock exhausts to add on.
Skins Not yet Fixed ! Will be fixed on next update.
**Bugs (Fixed in new update)


10 Speed Gearboxes are visible in the shop
Reported Bug, Crash on chassis > Found
Game crash on scania t 4×2 lowerd chassis > State FIXED
(both Low and Tolow chassis now work without crashing the game)
Thanks for the reports!


Scania Street legal race pack for ETS2
Modded by Duck187 & Bennekeben
Video teaser for the mod!
Supported for ets2 1.12. tested
Vid info:
Scania R more then 500+hp engines sound @ 01:00min
Scania R/streamline less then 500-hp engines sound @ 04:00min
Race parts in shop @ 08:00min
Scania streamline more then 500+hp engines sound @ 09:00min
Scania T model modv1.3 stock,shop,tuned parts showed @ 12:00min

Download the Scania T mod here http://ets2mods.org/MTRo3

So many nice scaniav8 sounds idk what to choose..this is my version of the sound..
3 different sounds depending on what kind of engines u choose!


Whats in this mod ?
Sick V8 scania sound
Cool skin liverys
Race Parts for trucks
Lowerd chassis

Custom Creations
Created by Duck & Bennekeben

Creations by Duck
Stand alone Real Life Race Skin for Scania trucks.

Creations by Bennekeben
Race Engines 1000-2500hp from megadiscountmod
Custom created Race Engine sound for Scania rcab and streamline Engines
Custom gearboxes 6-8-10 speed

Bennekeben & Duck


11 thoughts on “BCD Scania Race pack V1.1

  1. very good job my friend

  2. The best mod Cool.
    Can deliver 10×4 high chassis with wide off road tires?
    (without fenders) The Russian map need it sometimes.Thank you before.

    1. Bennekeben

      Im currently working on an offroad chassis mod. Stay updated at our main site!

      unfortually the 10×4 chassis is not in our current plan.

      All original chassis will have 3 sort of heights and wideness follow my steam to see some screenshots !
      For now stay patient untill i release it!

      Have fun !

  3. Cool 😀

  4. rs2spvvt-i

    Are in future possible for the other trucks?

    1. Bennekeben

      Yes, a beta stage mod of the MAN TGx has been made..
      This mod are going verry slow because there all verry time consuming things i need to do

      i have created a sound for the man allready but i found some real life race truck sound i think to edit and add it.. so for now there is no real know how when or what..go to our the main site , http://1manarmyfans.webs.com for info .. sign up and be a fan if u want to recieve a email when i release a new mod.. new mods will be published few days later on ets2 mods sites like this 1.

      Do u feel like asking more questions or info about my mods then plz invite me on Steam > Bennekeben

      Also i forgot to add in the Description,
      WHen in the truck shop > Accessories look at the Right side of truck to see all NEW exhaust fittings.
      This fittings is only on the CLEANED versions.

      to get the standing exhausts’

      Have fun !

  5. Всем привет опробывал очень понравилса мод автору респект кому интересно вот видео http://youtu.be/TyMvL8uihgA

  6. Mercohaulic

    Love the mod. Is there a possibility that you could make the sounds engines and transmission a separate mod? Thanks

    1. Bennekeben

      I have created a mod with the sound only Check out our main site !

  7. Still tips over like there is no tomorrow, so much for a racing truck.

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