BDF System addon Iveco Pack

Trucks Included:
Iveco Eurostar/Eurotech
Iveco AS2
Iveco S-WAY 2020(Brandl chassis edited)
Iveco Stralis Series 1
Issues:Eurotech/Eurostar side air deflector not removable(maybe i will fix it in the next update…) no other issues has been found.Report for any issues
Mods Order:
you can put them as you like,just make sure you to put trucks in order before swap body mods

Sebastian7870,Etophia,Schumi,Antonio62,HBB Store


13 thoughts on “BDF System addon Iveco Pack

  1. Tribaltech

    100% works on convoy mode?

  2. one issue has been found…Stralis lights do not light up correctly..mod order
    is causing that issue.
    swap mod
    try this

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      Iveco 2021 truck mods link please!

      1. it is already included,you’ll find all the trucks in the file

      2. The iveco 2021 is the second image

  3. hello when i go to select the swap body frame on iveco s way i don’t have the slot to select the bumper how can i solve? thank you

    1. hello,it has to be something to do with load order.try to put the mod in order like the one above..

  4. unfortunately no rear lights on the S-Way by 4×2 chassi 🙁

  5. …beim s-way 4×2 sind die rückleuchten nicht vorhanden, schade !!

      1. …now it works, thank you very much !!

  6. …beim s-way 4×2 sind die rückleuchten nicht vorhanden !!

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